WCID (WhoCaresIDo) site is two fold and multi-faceted. We hope you find what you need here. If not please let us know.

Two Reasons and Inspiration for Who Cares I Do

One is for support for those who are overwhelmed with everyday pressures of life. Whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. Whether it is from a physical ailment or social, personality or mental issue. We need to come together as a community and address the stigma of not talking about our feelings. We need to learn to express ourselves whether it be one on one or in a group. I am in hopes that this is a supportive aid to helping all that are looking for and want support.

Two is for social awareness and support for all who have been touched by tragic or unexpected loss of life. Whether it is from unexpected physical ailment, mental health issues, drug or alcohol related, suicide, homicide or accidental. We are always never prepared for loss of life even when it comes in old age. But when it seems to come too early or by tragic or unexpected reasons it is especially hard.

I was inspired by the lyrics and music of LP and Chez from the song “One More Light” and then listening to LP last performance on July 6, 2017 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

July 6, 2017 at Chester’s last public performance, Chez used this introduction for what will be his immortal last performance of “One More Light.”

“The one thing that can’t be defeated is love, right?! You can conquer hate by ignoring it. You can destroy it by loving the person next to you. So I want everybody here tonight to look at the person standing next to you and just tell them that you love them and that you are happy to be here tonight, listening to music celebrating life.” Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Last Performance July 6, 2017.